Our Development Process

Everrati provides expert EV engineering and class-leading electric vehicle integration solutions. Backed by a team of seasoned industry professionals and leveraging top-tier components and technology, Everrati tailor’s powertrain solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs. From initial concept to scalable low-volume production, we guide you through every step of the process.

The Steps

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01. Concept Generation

At Everrati, we kickstart the process by delving into your vision, user scenarios, certification requirements, and budget. Our industry-leading experts align your wishlist with our existing solutions and customised programs. Together, we provide a high-level estimation of costs and timelines, guiding you through options to deliver optimal value and the most efficient route to market.

02. Vehicle Measurements

Our team meticulously measures the vehicle’s weight and dimensions with and without the ICE powertrain. We then scan the vehicle to determine the most efficient way to package the EV powertrain while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Utilising computer simulations, we generate target vehicle performance metrics, including range and balance.

03. Project Setup

Once the project scope, timeline, budget, and target specifications are agreed upon, we initiate the design and development program.

04. Structured and Agile Development

With a structured and agile development approach, our world-class engineers leverage OE components and proof points on validated products, enriched with real-world data. Through CAE for early detection and optimisation, and V-Model development which emphasises testing throughout the lifecycle, we enhance the quality and reliability of the product.

05. Access to OE Grade Components

Everrati provides access to OE-grade components, guiding you in selecting sourced components and leveraging our volume price breaks to meet commercial targets.

06. Production Ready

We ensure your project is production ready by supporting regional certification, homologation, and registration processes. We ramp up operations and production models, providing fully traceable engineering drawings and validation results.

07. Continuous Improvement and Upgrade Pathway

Our commitment to continuous improvement and upgrade pathways underscores our engineering company’s dedication to innovation, safety, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. We offer seamless software updates that incorporate advanced safety features and drive and energy management enhancements, with options for next-generation hardware integration.

Customer engagement is key to our approach. We actively gather feedback to understand customer needs, allowing us to customise our continuous improvement processes to suit specific client preferences, ensuring their satisfaction.

At Everrati, we’re proud to help our clients stay at the forefront of the ever-changing automotive landscape.