Powertrain Solutions

Our fully validated powertrain solutions offer a ready-to-deploy system that effortlessly integrates state-of-the-art battery technology, high-power-density electrical drive systems, and our exclusive central vehicle controller. We deliver unmatched innovation designed for our B2B partners, with a focus on optimising performance and enhancing safety standards to accelerate your product’s time to market. If you’re in need of expert drivetrain development, reach out to one of our team.

Powertrain Solutions

Powered by Everrati

01. Battery Technology

Everrati adopts an agnostic approach in cell format and chemistry composition. The customisation of battery performance by Everrati is tailored to deliver optimal value for customers. We have achieved the highest level of battery electrical safety R100.01 certification on a number of applications.

02. Electrical Drive System

Everrati employs high-power-dense electric motors featuring scalable core technology to accommodate a diverse array of applications in the Electrical Drive System.

03. Centralised Vehicle Controller

Everrati’s Vehicle Controller Unit serves as the proprietary system functioning as the central gateway module and supervisory control for all HV and vehicle systems. It is designed to provide a superior level of functional safety, surpassing regulatory standards, and enhancing the overall user experience. This unit empowers our B2B customers by enabling a significantly faster time to market and reducing upfront development costs.